During the coronavirus pandemic, I trained for my first marathon. The 2021 London Marathon, where I raised money for Mind, the UK mental health charity. It changed my life in more ways than one. I created a new Instagram account to share the journey with those interested – which was a welcome break from all the wannabe influencers and Instagram parents on my personal account.

Preparing for the gruelling task of running a marathon also did my mental well-being the world of good. In a time when people relaxed by doing the downward dog or registering day after day on Call of Duty: Warzone, I got my chill time by taking my running distances far beyond three 5k jogs through the park per week.

I didn’t write about it as much as I would have liked. But below you can find the posts where I wrote about one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. And something that changed my life more than I ever thought it would.