A huge moment in my turnaround towards living with a positive mental attitude was applying structure and routine to my days.

The circumstances that surround us can change at any one moment, and our routine changes with them. Almost twelve months ago the entire nation had to adapt to a new way of living when the UK joined over 1/4 of the worlds population in living under some form of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A few weeks ago I published a blog post about what my Monday – Friday routine looks like during lockdown – which you can read by clicking here. At the end of the post I said the following week I would publish my weekend routine as it is slightly different.

Lockdown as a journalist

However, I had a couple of other ideas I wanted to write which were time restricted, but today I have published the details of what I get up to in a standard weekend in lockdown.

Everything I have written about below helps me stay motivated and thinking positively and I hope there are things you can take from it.

Lockdown weekends – Saturday

During the week I get up at 6am, this is down to my productivity being so much higher in the morning hours so I want to maximise the amount of morning hours I have for work.

When it comes to the weekend the same still applies, but because I don’t have work I get up an hour later and start my day at 7am.

After breakfast I go for a walk around the park to get my daily steps in and do my big food shop for the week before I return home.

Central Park close to my flat

Once I’m home I warm up with a green tea (I don’t drink coffee) and sit down for a few hours to write the blog post which I will publish the following Wednesday.

Once the first draft is done l usually watch the 12:30 kick-off on BT Sport, unless it is a game I have no interest in. My kitchen and living area is open plan so I’ll usually make lunch while the game is on with the only exception being if West Ham are playing in which case I have lunch afterwards.

After the game I’ll do some form of cleaning. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, clean the windows or the bathroom or en-suite off the master bedroom. As I mentioned in my weekday routine I do a form of cleaning everyday for the simple mental health benefit of clean space, clean mind.

I usually have some free time after this which depending on the time of the month I will do some life admin, if it’s close to pay day I’ll sort out my budget for the month etc. If it’s the middle of the month I’ll see if any of my friends are on Xbox, read some of whatever booking I’m reading, currently Troy by Stephen Fry, or watch whatever is on TV.

Lockdown life

By this time it is close to 17:30 so I’ll light a candle, have some dinner and watch the evening kick-off before spending my evening do whatever my mind fancies. Sometimes that is a film, while other times it can be Saturday night TV, a session on Xbox with my friends or a quiet night reading.

The whole point of my Saturday is that I want to stay as busy as possible without doing anything that is going to cause me stress or anxiety, albeit that can sometimes be out of my control but nine times out of ten I can usually control my emotions when my Saturday follows the format listed above.

Lockdown weekends – Sundays

Similarly to Saturdays I wake up at 7am on Sundays and have breakfast as soon as I’m showered and dressed. However, I swap my Saturday morning walk around the park for my Sunday long run as part of my training for the London Marathon.

Up to 35 mile weeks in marathon training!

I’ve just finished week nine of my training plan for the marathon, which means the distances for the Sunday long run are now further than a half marathon of 13.1 miles.

However, I have hit my second speed bump of training, and just like the first, which was due to the NHS track and trace app telling me to self isolate, the second was something out of my control – the snow.

Storm Darcy swept across large parts of England including the south east where I live and all of my running routes were covered in a blanket of snow, which in the days since has turned to ice and slush.

Therefore I decided to give my 16 mile long run last Sunday a miss. I don’t ever want to be in a situation where the risk of injury is high, especially so early in my training plan. The conditions are yet to improve and I haven’t recorded any miles this week so far.

Snow days

During my walk to Tesco earlier today I got the impression that tomorrow I should be able to get some miles under my belt again. However, I’m going to treat this week separate to my plan and just get some miles in instead of having my standard week of one recovery run, one interval run, one tempo run and a Sunday long run.

We’re not scheduled to have anymore snow in this part of the country for the rest of the week so I’ll try and pick the plan up again on Monday. But I’m still going to get a long run in on Sunday, perhaps see how far I can go in 90 minutes.

After my Sunday long run I’ll have a recovery lunch before doing my meal prep for the week which usually consists of a curry which I’ll freeze and reheat as the week goes on.

Once the meal prep is done I put my culinary skills to the test and make myself a dinner I haven’t made before or don’t make often. One of the perks of lockdown for me is that I’ve really got into my cooking.

Since I first moved out of my family home in August 2018 I would say I’ve been a competent cook but since lockdown I’ve really taken it up a notch, often joking that I should have gone for some Michelin stars instead of an NCTJ. I really enjoy cooking and treating myself in this way every Sunday is both something I look forward to as well as something to keep my mind ticking positively.

Beef Wellington inspired by my culinary idol – Gordon Ramsay

Growing up Sunday’s were often about Super Sunday where I would watch as many games of football as I could possibly consume. Although I don’t behave in this way anymore I do try to watch the big kick-off which is at 17:30.

I make sure I’ve eaten before the game starts which means the evening is my own to do whatever I want with. And during these lockdown times that will once again consist of a film, Xbox with my friends, a book or TV until I head to bed at 11pm.

One big thing that I make sure happens every Sunday which I’m yet to mention is that I do not touch my laptop.

Due to the nature of lockdown and working from home I’m on my laptop for large parts of the week so when it comes to Sunday, a day traditionally associated with being lazy, I don’t want to subconsciously get into that working mindset which I often do when I’m on my laptop.

It may seem a little ridiculous and pointless considering everything I could use a laptop for I can access on my smartphone, but I know it has a positive impact on me mentally and it’s something I’m definitely going to stick to for the foreseeable.

My Lockdown routine

Slightly different post to normal but I wanted to finish the little two-parter that I started in January.

This weekend is Valentines Day but for me, for this year only it is something different which you will be able to read all about in seven days time – thanks!

2021 London Marathon

I’m running the 2021 London Marathon for Mind!
If you wish to donate or keep up to date with how my training and fundraising is going you can do so by following the links below.
Fundraising Page: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JordanCamp
My new Instagram page dedicated to my London Marathon journey: @26.2MilesForMind
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/9589825
Mind Website: https://www.mind.org.uk

I’m running the London Marathon for MIND!

My Lockdown Routine – Saturday and Sunday

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