It’s now less than two weeks until myself and thousands of others run the world famous London Marathon. In just eleven days time all of those training hours will be rewarded with a 26.2 mile victory lap around the streets of England’s capital.

Excited is a bit of an understatement. I truly cannot wait but at the same time I’m looking forward to it being behind me. I’m no stranger to endurance based events having done many over the years. These range from 10Ks and half-marathons to cycling from London to Paris five years ago.

Mindset and mental resilience was key to my success when I cycled from London to Paris
All smiles from London to Paris in September 2016

Although I still have five training runs to go the hardest of it is behind me. I’m now into what is known as the taper period of training. This is where the intensity drops to give my body a chance to catch up with the workload of the past however many weeks.

The plan is to do a more detailed review of the training plan next week. However, for now I can say that I’ve never trained so hard for something in my life. Preparing for my first marathon has made all the training I did for the London to Paris cycle seem like a walk (or cycle?) in the park.

That’s enough on the training side of things for now. For the next three weeks the blog posts will be exclusively about the marathon. With the first being the big question of why? Why did I decide to take part in a full marathon.

Why I wanted to run the London Marathon – the big picture

I think it’s important to make it clear that this whole marathon challenge isn’t about me. That’s not to say that completing the thing won’t bring a boost to my self-esteem – i’m sure it will. However, as always the most important with the annual event is the charity and fundraising.

There are hundred of charities who offer marathon places to those willing to take on the challenge every year. These charities – like a lot of people – were hit hard during the pandemic. Fundraising events had to be cancelled, charity shops were forced to close their doors and so much more. Therefore it seemed more important than ever to raise as much as possible.

When it came to choosing a charity to apply for a pace on their marathon team there was only ever one. Mind. The mental health based charity in the UK are so representative of my entire ethos that it was a no brainer.

london marathon for mind
I’m running the London Marathon for Mind!

I’ve run this mental health awareness blog for over three years now. But my mental heath story – as readers and friends and family will know – goes way back into my childhood, although I only really became aware of it all in my late teens.

I now find myself in a situation where I can stand here and tell you I got the help I needed when I was at my lowest. And when my life situation demands it – as it did when lockdown restrictions were lifted – I know where to go to get the help. I’m one of the lucky ones. There are so many people out there who aren’t so lucky.

The numbers are truly frightening all across the board. During the last 18 months where we have all been living through a global pandemic those numbers have soared even higher. Meaning the services of charities such as Mind are needed now more than ever.

Where do I come into it?

I think my background with mental health issues really served as an extra slice of motivation to give the marathon and fundraising my all. If I didn’t have a guarantee that I could meet the £2000 minimum amount I wouldn’t have accepted the place. Once I had fundraising ideas that could be done easily in a pandemic year full of lockdowns which would take me over the two grand minimum then I couldn’t say no. The challenge and medal itself is second string compared to the fundraising.

I know from personal experience how much of a difference getting the appropriate help can make. If I can fundraise and collect donations from people so that others struggling can get the required help then I’ll sign up for just about anything. A marathon, three day cycle from one European capital to another or even (badly) shaving my head on Facebook live. If people are suffering and these charities can help then you name it and I’ll commit 100%.

Standing roughly where the finish line will be on October 3rd

The next three blog posts are all marathon themed – starting with this one. Next weeks will be all about the training and mental preparation before I round things up with a blog post about the day itself.

2021 London Marathon

In less than two weeks I’m running the 2021 London Marathon for Mind!
If you wish to donate or keep up to date with how my training and fundraising is going you can do so by following the links below.
Fundraising Page:
My blog post about the event
Instagram: @JordanCampLondonMarathon
Mind Website:

london marathon for mind
I’m running the London Marathon for Mind!
London Marathon – why I wanted to do it

Jordan Camp

I’ve been sharing my writing with the world since 2015. Back then it was about travel, then I transitioned into wellbeing and mental health awareness. Soon after I was being paid for it as I wrote about sports, politics and, of course, the pandemic. My words have been published in the i, Mancunian Matters and a number of the South West London associated publications. In 2021 I ran my first marathon, for the UK mental health charity, Mind. I currently live in Essex where I am training to become an Ironman.

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