Earlier on in March, I took part in my first mass running event since the 2021 London Marathon. At 13.1 miles, it was half the distance of what I and 40,000 others completed on October 3rd. The half-marathon was in Chelmsford – the very city I live and it fell nicely into a taper week for the 2022 Brighton Marathon which is just three weeks away.

Home, sweet Chelmsford

I ran my first half-marathon in 2018 around the streets of Hackney. Back then I completed the route in 1 hour 55 minutes. The next time I ran a distance of 13.1 miles was during training for the London Marathon and the event itself.

In all honestly, I like the half-marathon distance. I think it’s a good base level of fitness to maintain, especially with what I hope to achieve in August 2023 at the Cork Ironman.

All roads lead to Cork

The half-marathon

There was no doubt that I’d be able to complete the Chelmsford half-marathon. Only an unexpected injury or illness would have held me back from adding another medal to the collection. That said, there was one big first for the Chelmsford half. It was the first time I ran an event with someone.

My partner and I met when we both ran the London Marathon for Mind. Both residing in Chelmsford, we signed up for the half at the same time. At that point, we didn’t plan on running together, but as the event got closer we thought it would be a nice thing to do.

The London Marathon was the first time either of us signed up for a running challenge of that size. So, understandably, we followed the training plan verbatim.

We’re not following the Brighton Marathon training plan quite so strictly. We’ve stuck to the basics of four training days per week, eating healthily etc. But instead of four different types of run per week, we’ve mixed it up a bit.

Anyone that has ever run a marathon will tell you the weekend long run is the most important workout of the week so we kept that in. Other than that we incorporated a weekly swim and gym-based cardio (as well as strength and conditioning) to things.

As for the half-marathon itself, we wanted to run it in under two hours. As I mentioned a few paragraphs back, I already have a sub two hour half under my belt. However, my partner doesn’t. Or at least she didn’t before the Chelmsford half.

We completed the 13.1 mile route around Essex’s first city in 1 hour 52 minutes 20 seconds. This was not only a first sub-two-hour half-marathon for my partner but also a PB for myself.

What’s next?

Up next in the journey to becoming an Ironman is the 2022 Brighton Marathon. The purpose of the marathon, as well as the Chelmsford half, was to keep my motivation there during the winter months. And they’ve done a good job at doing exactly that.

In terms of the bigger picture (By which I mean the Ironman) I think I’ll sign up for a couple more half-marathons. There’s another one in Chelmsford in October with my name on it as well as the big half in London in September.

Ready for another Chelmsford Half-marathon in October

The swimming side of things is going really well. I have a blog post lined up about that for a few weeks time.

As for the cycle, I haven’t really gotten started yet. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I’m quite comfortable on a bike, it’s just a case of I need to dust off the cobwebs and get consistent with it. I’ll invest in a turbo trainer for when the clocks change in October. But getting out and about is something I want to do a lot more of in the summer. If there is one thing a summer marathon training plan took from me last year it was the Sunday cycles around the Essex fields.

Three weeks to go until the Brighton Marathon and a long old way to go until I’m Ironman ready.

Ironman journey – part three – Chelmsford half marathon 2022

Jordan Camp

I’ve been sharing my writing with the world since 2015. Back then it was about travel, then I transitioned into wellbeing and mental health awareness. Soon after I was being paid for it as I wrote about sports, politics and, of course, the pandemic. My words have been published in the i, Mancunian Matters and a number of the South West London associated publications. In 2021 I ran my first marathon, for the UK mental health charity, Mind. I currently live in Essex where I am training to become an Ironman.

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