Slightly different post this time but there was an incident that occurred last week which I wish to share with you where I fainted in my home.

On Wednesday July 22 I had one of my friends over (It’s okay, he’s in my bubble) to watch the West Ham game against Manchester United.

After the draw which mathematically secured West Ham’s Premier League survival for another season we sat down to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea. Around 30 minutes into the game I offered my friend a drink and went to the fridge to fetch it for him.

That’s when it all went downhill.

The last thing I remember was feeling very light headed and leaning against my fridge as my vision faded. 

The next thing I knew I was laying face down on the floor trying to pick myself up. Seeing blood all over my hands and on the floor through blurred vision with the faint sound of my friends voice saying that I had fainted. 

My friend tried to get me to sit down but even in that state of shock and confusion with blood coming out of my head I didn’t want to stain the rug or sofa so I got to the bathtub while he phoned an ambulance. 

Within 20 minutes the emergency services had arrived. The nurse took one look at the cut above my left ear towards the back of my head before saying stitches were required and I was taken to the local hospital. 

I remained at Broomfield Hospital for around three hours while the doctors did a range of tests including blood and urine samples, blood pressure tests and to ensure I had not received a concussion from the fall. 

The only test that didn’t come back how it should was my laying down and standing up blood pressures which were taken back to back. As a result of this I was put on a drip for an hour to receive nutrients my body was lacking. 

After this they ran the test again and it was fine after which I was free to leave with a black eye coming through and a third scar to add to my body. 

The doctors said the cause of the faint was a lot of ‘little things’. I hadn’t rehydrated myself after an evening run, I hadn’t eaten an awful lot during the day because I was so busy, it was a very hot day and it gets quite hot in my flat and things like that. It was just shit luck basically. 

What happened next?

The biggest thing that came from this for me personally was the shock of it all. I have never fainted before in my life and have no health conditions that could lead to such a thing so initially I was more confused than anything else. 

I have quite a high physical pain threshold so even in the days that followed I wasn’t suffering in that sense.

I was also concerned because although i’m conscience that i’m on the tall and skinny side of things I do generally keep myself in good knick.

During lockdown I have been running 5k three times a week and my times have gone from 26 minutes at the start to between 22 1/2 and 23 1/2 minutes. 

In the past I have run half marathons, cycled from London to Paris and during my travels I completed many hikes all of which were physically demanding.

Another thing worth mentioning is that i’d hardly drunk any alcohol for almost two weeks before I fainted so for my lights to go out like that when they never have done before came as a massive shock to the system. 

I’ve just counted my blessings with this experience as I have done with a lot of things this year with COVID-19 being the obvious big one. 

The whole situation could have been a lot worse with the obvious one being it was only the second time since lockdown I have had a friend in my flat so when you think of all the other possible times it could have happened and the outcome could have been a lot worse.

This all happened over a week ago and I have since kept my life going the same way albeit taking my foot off the gas a little. My black eye is on its way down and I have clumps of dried medical glue in my hair which will have to be cut out next time I get a haircut. 

That’s about all I have to say on the matter, I just felt like it was a story I wanted to share on this blog because, as I said, it was such a shock to my system but most fortunately of all there are no physical health conditions I was unaware of before my fall.


Fainting in my flat

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