Before I get started I just want to let you all know that I’m fine, I just had one of those weeks and seeing as this blog is an outlet for me, maybe my attitude towards a tough week could help you out whenever you find yourself in a similar situation.

I often find that those really tough weeks follow on from some of the moments you’ll remember forever, which is what I’ve had over the last few weeks with my brothers stag do and wedding combination.

Wedding Day!

As well as the Wedding on Friday I also had a quality weekend catching up with friends over drinks, watching the six nations and taking a trip to the cinema to see Captain Marvel, all in all, one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time (Obviously West Ham lost 2-0 to Cardiff City to keep me flying too close to the sun). In last weeks post I described the whole feeling as similar to the post holiday blues that all of us suffer from.

All in all, I was at such a high, but the following five days left me feeling low by the time Friday evening rolled around.

My Week

This week has consisted of many ups and many downs, but the downs have very much overpowered the ups. It felt like my mind was like an internet browser with too many tabs open and I didn’t know where to apply my focus.

Downs include an incredibly tough week of work adapting to a new role i’ve got, including some huge mistakes on my behalf which threw some added stress to things when I had to resolve them.

I’ve also had a lot of stress handed to me while i’ve been trying to sort out living arrangements for when my lease in London runs out in six weeks time and I return to Essex. Those of you that have gone through this procedure will know how tough it can be at times.

With all of that happening in the space of four days it was a case of by the time I finished work on Friday my initial reaction was to go home, stay in my room all night and not leave until I had too the next day.

Friday Evening Run

After a long, stressful Friday at work I got home at around 17:00, earlier on in the day after another set back I decided that I was going to go for a run. A run which turned out to be my first bit of exercise since the stag weekend in the middle of February.

Where I live in Camberwell I have a 5k running route around the block that starts and finishes at my front door, however this time I fancied running along the river.

Nice, empty running scenes along Chelsea Embankment on Friday Evening.

Those of you that live in London will know that running along Southbank is a no go because it is constantly stop start with tourists getting in your way, so I decided to run from my house to Vauxhall Bridge and carry on along the Chelsea Embankment on the north side of the River Thames that runs parallel to Battersea Power Station. Ultimately making it as far as the Chelsea football stadium, Stamford Bridge, which is just under 8k away from my house.

My route along the river.

During my last backpacking trip I set my PB for a 5k run at 19:32 in Central Park on my penultimate evening in the city, joining the sub 20 minute club in the process. On Friday’s night run I crossed the 5k mark at around 28 minutes, a far cry from the nineteen and a half minutes from New York City.

My 5k PB from NYC and where it finished in Central Park

The reason this is relevant to helping me understand that the tough week i’ve had doesn’t label me as anything because although I can’t run a sub 20 minute 5k right now, I know it’s doable because i’ve done it before. I just need to start running again and watch my diet and in time i’ll be there again.

Similarly with the work difficulties i’ve faced this week. I’ve been in this situation with struggling with new responsibilities many times before and have overcome the tricky start. I’ve overcome them before, and in time i’ll overcome them again, the failures this past week won’t define me.

This is the attitude I like to apply to my life when I hit a series of set backs.

A Metaphor For My Week

I had a fairly quiet weekend, with the main event once again being a trip to The London Stadium to see West Ham, this week against bottom of the table Huddersfield. I knew what I was expecting from this game, a West Ham win, and ultimately that happened, but I didn’t expect the game to play out as a metaphor for my week.

In the end West Ham won the game 4-3, but the game was full of ups and downs, just like my week. At one point West Ham were down and out, losing 1-3 with 15 minutes to go, but they didn’t give up and went on to win the game 4-3.

Apply this to my week which consisted of big moments that knocked me down. I could sulk and take the loss and continue to feel bad about myself.

Alternatively I could refuse to accept defeat at the hands of a tough week of work and personal life issues, keep my head up and move forward, learning from what happened in the past week and let it lay the pavement for the better things still to come. I know what sounds more appealing to me.

I know all of you are familiar with how ‘One of those weeks’ can make you feel, they happen to us all.

It’s important to not let that feeling consume you by keeping yourself focused on the good that could potentially come from it, and work towards that instead of accepting the 1-3 loss.

One Of Those Weeks

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