After completing the London Marathon in October 2021, I knew I wanted more. So I set my sights on something bigger, the biggest triathlon in the world as a matter of fact – the Ironman. Which may well be the stupidest decision I make in my entire life.

I can’t do an Ironman. Admittedly I have some form of advantage having run a marathon and cycled from London to Paris in the past. However, at the time of deciding to try and achieve Ironman status, I can hardly swim. And I certainly can’t swim 2.4 miles, then cycle 112 miles before running 26.2 miles, one after the other, after the other.

Which is why I want to share it with the readers right here on Life of Mind. Consider it a series of columns, like Jeremy Clarkson and his farm in The Sunday Times, only self-published.

If all goes well this will tell the story of someone who can’t complete an Ironman to someone who (hopefully) can.

I know it won’t be easy. It will certainly test me both physically and mentally. But if an Ironman were easy everyone would be doing them.

If the London Marathon and London to Paris Cycle are anything to go by then this whole journey will be so utterly joyous, and something I will look back on fondly.

Right. Time to take the bike out for an hour ahead of this weekend’s sixteen-mile run. It’s a wonderful life.