One of my favourite figure of speech that I will often use to describe a place. However this time I want to apply it to an aspect of my mental wellbeing more directly.

A prime example of a place I would describe as a lot going on but nothing’s happening is New York’s Times Square. Standing atop of the red stairs made famous by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in their music video for Empire State of Mind you are surrounded by skyscrapers with the largest TV screens I have ever seen and city lights glistening as far as the eye can see. A lot is going on, all day, every day, but nothing’s happening. No one is doing anything it’s kind of just there. 

I have been to Times Square many times and I can honestly say the only thing I have done is keep my hands in my pockets because of the high volume of pickpocketers. Don’t get me wrong I like Times Square and I make sure I visit every time I’m in Manhattan but considering it’s arguably a place so many people want to visit I can’t help but leave underwhelmed. 

Applying It To Me & My Life.

It doesn’t just stop with Times Square and other places. It can definitely be applied to my life.

In just nine days time The Premier League returns, and with that, my biggest hobby as I spend every other day commuting to The London Stadium to watch West Ham.

Usually, I dread the big three-month break, approaching this year’s break I was fully aware that I had been lucky with the previous two having spent the entire summer break travelling The Americas in 2017 and, of course, the 2018 World Cup in Russia to keep us all occupied. 

I didn’t have any of that this year, and that worried me. What was I to do? I spent a week in Norway which was incredible. I moved into my first flat as a homeowner which has been amazing albeit stressful time to get moved in.

Other than that it was a case of eat, sleep, work & repeat. 

Eat, sleep, work & repeat is the foundation for what I personally would describe in my individual case of a lot going on but nothing’s really happening.

Those four things are enough to keep me busy for the most part (A lot going on) but doing nothing between finishing work, eating and sleeping is the issue (Nothing’s really happening)

It’s what I do around that which makes me an interesting person to know. My travels, my writing, my desire to be outside as much as possible. Take all those away and there’s nothing really happening, and with that, my mind becomes my biggest enemy.

Making Things Happen.

When I began to see myself fall into this trap I started to build up a gym regime for the first time since before my brother’s wedding in March. With that, I set myself the target to bulk up a bit because I could see myself falling into that stereotype of tall and skinny. 

After a few weeks, I began to see results (Things were happening) and when things were happening and results were appearing I extended my goal, with that my self-confidence and drive progressed.

That all felt good, then I started to use that on other aspects of my life that were making me unhappy and it began to work in the same way as a new gym routine and lifestyle kick. 

I’ve become motivated to keep myself busy, keep myself moving in the right direction and most importantly, keep making things happen. 

And I really have a good feeling about how it’s all going to work out.

It Starts With Us.

It’s important to understand and appreciated that all of these things that are affecting our motivation and drive can be changed for the better.

It’s tough at first to grasp that it starts with us as individuals and us only. Especially if you are someone, like me, who for a very long time was scared to try because we had convinced ourselves that life is always too hard on us.

That was my perception of life for a long time. With relationship woes, constant neglect from Sunday League and school sports teams.

But right now, all these years later with my travels, success in sporting events like cycling from London to Paris and the recent Hackney Half Marathon as well as all those moments in my life with people that no one can take from me – I just remember the good stuff. Which is the reward for keeping things happening.


A bit of a random ramble this week out, but I want you all to think about something you have achieved in your life, whether that be a sporting achievement or a big promotion you wanted at work. 

Think about the process of how you got there, and I’m willing to bet my flat that it wasn’t given to you, you earned it because you kept things happening.

When There’s A Lot Going On But Nothing’s Happening

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